November 4, 2014

Baking Chez Moi with Dorie Greenspan & Giveaway

Baking Chez Moi Cover

When I think baking, I think Dorie Greenspan. Over the years she has been a guru, mentor, and friend, and for that I am so grateful. Lucky for us, Dorie continue to write amazing baking books. I’ll admit, I didn’t think there would ever be a book quite as awesome as Baking: From My Home To Yours, but now there is. Baking Chez Moi is Dorie’s latest book and it is such a treasure. In it she features family-friendly French baking recipes that are neither finicky nor complicated. In fact, they are downright homey!

It doesn’t seem to make sense at first. Why wouldn’t a French baking book be all about pastries? Because, as Dorie explains, French bakers leave the complicated stuff up to the pros. If they want an elaborate eclair they head to their nearest patisserie. For a simple loaf cake or crunchy cookie, they bake at home. And now you can bake just like them thanks for Dorie’s amazing French-style recipes which have been translated for the American kitchen.

I am so thrilled and honored today to be giving away a copy of Dorie’s delicious book. I have been baking from it and I promise you’ll love it as much as I do. Also, if you want to get a taste of the recipes she features check out what’s been said on Food52, in The Boston Globe, and on Mardi’s blog.

To enter to win a copy of Baking Chez Moi:

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3) Contest runs from November 4th at 7:00am through November 11th at 7:00am ET. Check the November 7th newsletter to see if you are the winner!


37 Responses to “Baking Chez Moi with Dorie Greenspan & Giveaway”

  1. jemrah says:


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  3. bellagirl07 says:

    I love me some croissants with a little butter.

  4. Gina Alderman says:


  5. April V says:

    I would have to say mousse. I tried a blueberry mousse for the first time the other day & it was so light & airy… perfection.

  6. gabsimonelouise says:

    Does flourless chocolate cake count?!

  7. Stephanie G. says:

    Croissants are one of my favorites!

  8. Amy R says:


  9. Sara says:

    Pain au chocolat and Macarons!

  10. Karen Lynch says:

    Recently had my first Macaron and am in love with them, croissants are also high on my list.

  11. Karen Lynch says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  12. Sara says:

    Just liked you on facebook. It’s a hard call between croissants and brioche…

  13. Meghan says:


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  15. Karen D says:

    I subscribe on facebook

  16. Amanda says:

    Pain au chocolat is my go to treat.

  17. Laura Scott says:

    Canelés 🙂

  18. Amy Wels says:


  19. Amy Wels says:

    I “liked” you on Facebook.

  20. alinna says:

    always croissants.

  21. Rust says:

    My favorite comes from a little french patissirie in my home town; it is called dobashe (doberge) cake. It is the best cake I have ever tasted.

  22. Rust says:

    I am one of your facebook followers as Rust Hawk.

  23. heidi defaut says:

    I love napoleans

  24. miranda says:

    I love chocolate croissants

  25. miranda says:

    I’m a subscriber

  26. Sarah H.P. says:

    I love eclairs!

  27. Sarah H.P. says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  28. Amy L says:

    I love French macarons

  29. Amy L says:

    I follow you on Facebook (Amy Masters Leach)

  30. gary says:

    I love eclairs

  31. bill says:

    Macarons are yummy

  32. Anne says:

    No question: Croissants are definitely my favorite French baked good. They’re a very rare treat for me. I can’t imagine baking them myself, but I guess you never know…
    {notheranneother [at] gmail [dot] com}

  33. Anne says:

    I’m a Kelsey Banfield follower on Facebook! Thanks.
    {notheranneother [at] gmail [dot] com}

  34. Moongazing says:

    I love a great French baguette!

  35. Annette says:

    Creme Brulee is my favorite baked good.

  36. Annette says:

    I subscribed on Facebook.

  37. saniel says:

    Strawberries Romanoff and croissant. Super yummy. Thanks