February 25, 2016

Quick Caprese Eggs in a Bread Bowl

Caprese Egg Bowl | The Naptime Chef

I am a big egg-for-breakfast girl. It started a few years ago when I had kids and realized I had to eat a solid chunk of protein each morning in order to get me going and sustain me until lunch. The only catch is that our morning routine is very hectic, so over time I’ve devised a few easy ways to cook up simple, tasty egg dishes on the fly.

Last week I made this super easy baked egg bread bowl using a tomato and a leftover dinner roll from the evening before. With a sprinkle of cheese, some chopped basil, and a fresh Davidson’s Safest Choice egg I had all the makings for a quick breakfast. I preheated the oven, assembled the “bowl” by cutting a well in the roll, added the ingredients, and cracked an egg on top. I then topped it with one more sprinkle of cheese and popped it in the oven.

Caprese Egg Bowl | The Naptime Chef

The baking time was fairly short, about 15 minutes, which was the perfect amount of time for me to assemble lunches and feed the kids. When it was ready I plucked it right out of the dish to eat quickly before getting everyone out the door. I loved that it tasted like a breakfast rendition of my favorite caprese salad, with the bonus of a creamy baked egg in the center. Try this at home and I know you’ll agree!

Come over t0 SafeEggs.com to find the recipe!

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Safest Choice Eggs. This year I am an ambassador for Safest Choice Eggs. I believe in their product and you can read more about my brand work in my affiliate disclosure.  The opinions, recipe, and photographs are wholly my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make The Naptime Chef possible.)

2 Responses to “Quick Caprese Eggs in a Bread Bowl”

  1. J Kirk says:

    I am going to try these with some chopped ham in the bottom, and have two for a dinnner with some salad on the side.

    • KelseyTheNaptimeChef says:

      That sounds amazing!! Be sure to dig the “well” deep enough for everything to fit!