April 6, 2017

Stirring up Fun with Food with Sarah Michelle Gellar + Giveaway

Stirring Up Fun with Food

Last month a super fun book arrived in the mail for me to peruse, Stirring up Fun with Food: Over 115 Simple, Delicious Ways to Be Creative in the Kitchen. Initially I figured it was just another celebrity cookbook, but upon further inspection I realized that it is not just a just-for-kicks publishing project. This book is, in fact, amazingly cool and features terrific recipes for families. Sarah Michelle’s whole premise is making food fun for kids. But the key is that it is regular food – not “kiddie” food that a parent would never want to try. Here she and Gia have taken delicious recipes and made them a little more fun for children, but kept them perfectly appealing for the whole family.

Luckily, I got to have a little e-chat with Sarah Michelle about her work and here are a few fun things she shared! :

1) I love this cookbook! The recipes are so inventive, yet accessible. How do you start building a recipe and where does all the inspiration come from? The recipes and photographs in this book are so creative and fun!

I guess first of all, thank you. Inspiration can definitely come from all over. Sometimes its a crazy thought, sometimes Pinterest inspiration, other times maybe a holiday or time of year and even a crazy request from my kids. Thats the beauty of food crafting, you are really only limited by the boundaries of your own imagination.

2) What I find so appealing about your ideas is that, though they are made to appeal to children, they are totally tasty foods that an adult would eat too. It’s not “kiddie food” at all. How do you keep that draw that fine line between making good food for children that is still appeals to adults?

I usually do not like to make a distinction between “kid food” and “adult food” (well minus alcohol) Its all about opening your palette to experience and enjoy new tastes. So much of our opinion on food is what it looks like, and thats why I love food crafting. When you make it more appealing to the eye, the taste buds are more likely to enjoy. My kids eating everything from mussels and clams to sushi and back to mac and cheese.

3) My 4-year old son basically wants to make the entire chapter of shark-themed food! Clearly you had some inspiration. Do your kids ever approach you with food ideas? What is the funniest/most interesting idea they’ve ever come up with?

My kids are often the basis for my ideas, although I must say its me thats obsessed with Shark Week. Last year my son wanted everything to look like minions. My daughter is really into experimenting with spices and citrus. She also loves all natural food coloring and changing the colors.

4) What’s next for Fun with Food and Foodstirs? I am ordering my kids a kit for some springtime baking fun!

Over at Foodstirs we are working on national distribution. We are also about to launch our amazing Organic Pancake Mix and our Organic Vanilla Frosting, as well we are testing some new holiday mix ideas and almost finished creating our summer kits. It’s always busy in the Foodstirs kitchen.

Thanks, Sarah Michelle!

To enter to win your own copy of this book!:

  1. Leave a comment below sharing something both you and your kids love to make and eat together!
  2. Contest runs from April 6th at 7am to April 13th at 7am. Winner will be announced April 14th. Thanks!

Disclosure: Photos provided by Grand Central Life & Style. Used with permission.

4 Responses to “Stirring up Fun with Food with Sarah Michelle Gellar + Giveaway”

  1. T Engberg says:

    My elder son loves to make cookies, and my younger son loves to cook asparagus for everyone a la Jacques Pepin.

  2. […] Last month a super fun book arrived in the mail for me to peruse, Stirring up Fun with Food: Over 115 Simple, Delicious Ways to Be Creative in the Kitchen. Initially I figured it was just another cele […]

  3. Susan F. says:

    My son and I love making and eating desserts like Banana Cookies, Apple Cookies and Strawberry Pie!

  4. sarah says:

    chocolate chip cookies!